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Evacuation Checklist for your Pets

  Photo by   Markus Spiske   from   Pexels Natural disasters are happening all around the world! Evacuations are happening now! When we run, our pets run with us! But how can we prepare for them like we prepare for us? There is so much that is out of our control, but one thing we can control is our Preparedness . Do not wait to evacuate, get out early, the sooner you are out the more time you will have to prepare and find shelter with your pets. ASPCA recommends having supplies for 7 days. 1. Research all Shelters that accept your pets with you. There are many shelters that do not allow your pets to come with you especially when you add a pandemic to the list, so know before you go. 2.      Keep pet medical records and IDs on hand. If time allows, email all records to yourself, carry records with you including photos of you and your pets in case they become separated from you. A photo of you and your pets is the best way to show ownership of your pets.   3. Have Harness, Col

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